Sheila has been both an artist and a teacher all of her adult life.

While still a student of sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, she taught art classes at the Neighborhood Center in Philadelphia. This provided her with a wide range of teaching opportunities, from arts and crafts projects with pre-school toddlers to sculpture classes for retired seniors. During these years, she grew to love teaching and the role she played in allowing the creative impulses of her students to come to fruition.

Sheila Lamb

Above: Sheila at work on first grade project based on a Native American legend, "How the first people were made," - The Dalton School, New York City.

"Those years of part-time teaching led me to a the profound discovery that each of my students, no matter what age had an innate and unique artistic language and that they all shared an ability to express that language."

Sheila Lamb

In 1965, she joined the prestigious Dalton School in New York City as a full-time teacher of art. During her four-decade career there, the Dalton administration has consistently and enthusiastically supported her creation and expansion of an innovative and many-faceted art program.
"The philosophy of the Dalton School underscores the belief that the best teachers are learners first. They gave me the freedom to develop the artist in me and in my many students."

Sheila Lamb


At right: Second grade Dalton student studying his face for a self-portrait.

In 1996, the Dalton School named Sheila "Artist-In-Residence." In that role, she collaborates with and supports classroom teachers in incorporating art into their curricula, promoting the concept that the art-making process deepens the connections that children need in order to make sense of their work and their world.

Dalton School,
New York, NY
1965 - present
Artist-in-Residence; 1996 - present
Created arts curriculum; supervised multi-media art studio, K - 3rd grade; 1965 - 1996
New York University,
New York, NY
1987 - present
Part-time Instructor "Works on Paper" mixed media, drawing, printmaking
American Samoa Dept. of Social Services
1992 - 2000
Visual Arts Coordinator, "Art as Therapy": workshops for counselors
The American School in Japan
Evaluator, Arts Program, K - 12th grade
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
1997, 1998
Conducted art workshop series for teachers and school administrators on the islands of Rota, Tinian, and Siapan
American Museum of Natural History,
New York, NY
1996 - 2003
Worked with museum's Education Dept.; led classes for high school students focusing on multi-cultural art, Polynesian tapa design and the connections between religion and art
Diocese of Samoa,
American Samoa
Conducted Arts Education workshops for teachers
Teachers College,
Columbia University,
New York, NY
Conducted the workshop, "The Craft Experience in Art Education"
Arts Council of American Samoa
Evaluator, Arts-in-Education programs in the schools (for N.E.A.)
Pacific Regional Education Lab,
American Samoa
Organized the workshop, "Building an Arts Curriculum Cross-Culturally"
American Samoa Community College
Instructor: Drawing, Ceramics, Art History
Arts Council of American Samoa
1987 - 1991
Created Multi-Media Arts Curriculum for schools, K - HS, and conducted teacher workshops to facilitate curriculum
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts,
Guangzhou, China
Dalton School/Guangzhou Academy Artist Exchange; Conducted classes in drawing and early childhood art education
Hunter College,
New York, NY
1985 - 1988
Conducted art workshops for the teachers of the gifted and talented
Connecticut College Graduate School,
New London, CN
Interdisciplinary Arts Education Summer Workshop for teachers
Pratt Institute,
Brooklyn, NY
1975 - 1977
Part-time Instructor, Arts Education Dept.

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