Retrospective Art Show

The Dalton Community and Friends celebrated Sheila Lamb's artistic achievements with a Retrospective Exhibition of her art work at The Dalton School in New York in May of 2007.

The opening was hosted by her daughters, Andrea and Maya Travaglia, and the proceeds from the sale of artworks benefitted the Dalton Scholarship Fund in honor of Sheila Lamb.

Read what Sheila says about her life in art

Andrea and Maya Travaglia

Sheila with Charles Simon

Sheila with Ellen Stein

Isa Irvin

Sanele Mageo and Laura Zanes

Sanele Mageo and Sheila

Eva Kollisch and Naomi Replansky

Jane Kloecker, Sheila, and Isa Irvin

Debbie Freeman and Cheryl Lexton in the Dalton lobby with tapa inspired etchings in the background. They are sorting out flower "ulas" (Samoan flower leis) to be given to guests as they enter. In the spirit of Polynesia, shell necklaces were given out as people left.

Read what Sheila says about her life in art

Bonnie Horen, Jim Gannon, Vijay Kumar, and Denis DeMaris

Barbara Pope-Schiff and Bonnie Horen

Vivienne Thurm and Sheila

Cheryl Mwaria

Sheila and Cheryl Lexton

Sheila, Gardner Dunnan, Malcolm Fenton, and Chris Wasserstein

Debbie Freeman with her camera
Barbara Bock, Sheila, and Diana Elghanayan

Deborah Stewart

Glenna Meeks and Cinque

Lisa Stifler and Jarry Roth

Patty Pickmen Udell and Carlo Travaglia

Read what Sheila says about her life in art

Sheila, Laura Lehrman, and Deborah Meier

Vivienne Thurm and Jan Jan Barnett

Nancy Larson Shapiro, Carlo Travaglia, and Michael Burke

Wakasa Nagakura and Kelvina Butcher

Sheila and Carolyn Wagoner Bear

Stephanie Finns and Adele Bildersee

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