Chunky Amethyst Chunky Amethyst Necklace Spiky Coral and
Turquoise Necklace
Spikey Coral Turquoise
Cinnabar Butterflies Cinnabar Butterflies Necklace Turquoise and Butterflies Necklace Butterflies Turquoise
Sponge Coral Sponge Coral Choker Turquoise Necklace Turquoise
Jade Butterflies Jade Butterflies Necklace Ethiopian Cross Necklace Ethiopian Cross
Yellow Turquoise Silver Cinnebar Yellow Turquoise, Silver and Cinnebar Necklace Horn and Turquoise Necklace Bone Turquoise
Pointy Amethyst Pointy Amethyst Necklace Turquoise Pendant Necklace Turquoise Pendant
Pointy Amethyst Ivory and Bone Necklace Return to Top
Jewelry is all one-of-a-kind. Contact the artist for prices.

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